Farm Volunteering

Volunteering has always played a significant role in human development. Mostly, it emanates from a desire to share an acquired skill, time, knowledge or experience with others.

Kankanba Farm Yard recognized this fundamental component of project establishment, development and management. Volunteers of all professions are welcome.


The Gambia is a peaceful Western African country. It is just six hours flight from most European cities. The Gambia has a rich culture and the people are in general very friendly.

Kankanba Farm Yard is surrounded by ecologically and culturally, very well maintained communities. The farm is situated 15 km from major touristic centres of the country. Long stretches of beautiful sandy beaches are within reach.

It may be very enlightening to share professional experiences with us at Kankanba Farm Yard. Accommodation is available on the farm. Volunteers will be given the opportunity to experience the Gambian way of living: cooking, going through the days in relaxed but effective way.

Volunteer Position

Do you have a passion for agriculture, mental health, or social work? Kankanba Farm is currently seeking volunteers for the following job openings:

  • AgroTechnician
  • Permaculture
  • Carpenter
  • Metal Worker
  • Youth & Social Work
  • Human Resource Needs
  • Tractor Operator
  • Plant Care
  • Animal Care