Kankanba Farm

Established in 1998, Kankanba Farm Yard is a 20 hectares integrated farm located in the historic village of Sanyang, The Gambia. The Farm is surrounded by several communal settlements, namely Bamindoro, Kunkuja, Jambanjelly, Brikama, Tujereng, Batokunkung and Tanji.
At Kankanba Farm we practice horticulture, small ruminant breeding, poultry, bee-keeping, rabbit farming, tree orchards and Eco-Agro tourism. These activities provide meaningful employment to hundreds of individuals yearly.

Our Mission

Provide stable employment.
Increased supply of local nutritious food.
Sustainable use of farmland for value creation.
Entrepreneurial & agricultural training for local youth.

Agricultural Activities

Agro-Activities aimed at producing quality food for local consumption and agricultural commercial entrepreneurship.

Fruit Tree Orchards


Plant & Vegetable Nurseries

Ruminant Breeding




Rabbit Farming


Our Farm Products

Our farm products are harvests we obtained from our diverse organic agricultural products. These products are periodic harvests from crops as well as animal breeding activities.

Market Places

Marketing of farm produce remains a challenge for most farmers. Our production is primarily tailored to produce healthy fresh farm produce for the Gambian population (feed the nation). Local market women are engaged and empowered to sell farm produce in the major Gambian market places namely:

Serrekunnda, Tanji, Sanyang, Brikama, Banjul, Bakau and major national market places (Loomos)

Farm Facilities

These are infrastructure that has been developed over the past several years to facilitate a meaningful, adapted and productive pursue of our agricultural activities and to live convivially on the farm. Infrastructure for hospitality has also been developed.


For residents and for visitors, a self-catering as well as African kitchen are provided. Possibilities of cooking in group or learning specific Gambian dishes is available.

Camping Ground

A convivial, secured and lush-green area is provided for camping. A 1000-sqm area in the southeast corner of the farm is marked by a life fence containing bamboos, Moringa tree, Malina, cashew and lime.

Farm Shop Kiosk

Convenience shop where farm produce and all what farm residents, visitors and the community need are sold at affordable price.


A clay oven is built. It is used to bake bread in the traditional way using firewood obtained from the farm.

Bio Fertilize Production

The biomaterial from plants and animals are collected, composted in ditches and reapplied to the land. Several compost ditches are dug at strategic points on the farm to facilitate this bio fertilizer production.


A combination of different irrigation systems are used to water the crops. Two bores with submersible solar pumps are available.



We offers visitors the opportunity to experience traditional farming techniques and the natural beauty of The Gambia while also supporting sustainable agriculture and the local community. Our Eco-Agrotourism program includes guided farm tours, educational workshops, and recreational activities such as bird watching and nature hikes.
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