Agro-Products 2018

We grow an abundance of fresh farm produce year-round, as well as some exotic and seasonal varieties. We also raise animal products.

  • Seasonal: Mangoes, Cassava, cashew, orange, Sweet potatoes, Wonjo, Lemon
  • Year round production: beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, onions,
  • Exotic fruits: Heart-Fruit, guava, coconuts
  • Seedlings: All varieties and in all quantities
  • Animals and Animal Products: Cattle, Sheep, Dairy Milk, Honey
  • Honey
  • Bamboo wood for eco-construction

Annual Agro Production Kankanba Farmyard

Crop Harvest Period Quantity, Tons / yr Photograph
1 Cashew March – June 50
2 Mango May – September 550
3 Hot Pepper All year round 15 – 25
4 Tomatoes All year round 25
5 Lemon-Lime June – February 25
6 Oranges October – February 75
7 Moringa April – December 5
8 Hibiscus Flower September – November 5
9 Lemon Gras All year round 10
10 Sweet-potatoes All year round 25
11 Peanut September – November 25
12 Honey Every three months 0.250

Market Place

Marketing of farm produce remains a challenge for most farmers. Our production is primarily tailored to produce healthy fresh farm produce for the Gambian population (feed the nation). Local market women are engaged and empowered to sell farm produce in the major Gambian market places namely:

  • Serrekunnda
  • Tanji
  • Sanyang
  • Brikama
  • Banjul, Bakau and major national market places (Loomos)

National and International Marketing of Farm Produce

Farm Produce Processing

  • Conserving: fruit and vegetable drying, jam and juice production, cashew nut processing
  • Documentation
  • Graphics and Designing